What’s inside your mattress?

The likely answer is you don’t know. Your mattress typically includes a support base, comfort layers, and an outside encasement cover. That is what is inside your mattress. These layers are not usually accessible and as a result, are a magnet for dirt, dust, and those pesky bed bugs. In this article we are going to provide a couple options, all with a zippered outer cover which can be removed, washed, and inside layers inspected.
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Layers Inside A Soveiluften Mattress Assembly

The above assembly consists of:

  • 1/2″ Base Poly Layer
  • 8 3/4″ Intex Mattress
  • Soveiluften Cover
  • 2″ Memory Foam
  • 1″ Latex Foam
  • Anti Aging 12″ Mattress Cover

We will get into the importance of the assembly but think about the importance of having the ability to open up your mattress and inspect for impressions as well as dirt and bed bugs. Why spend hundreds for a company to steam clean your mattress? They will never truly get the inside layers clean and you’re just throwing away money.

The first layer in this assembly to fail will be the memory foam. It will likely start indenting in 3 years. Do you throw it all away? No, you can purchase another. Take a look here:
Comfort Toppers
It’s less than $100.

Now, important as well is identifying any bugs that may be inside your mattress. Just open it up and look. It’s that simple. If they exist, vacuum them up. If they’ve gotten into the foam, buy new, fresh foam or latex. You do not need to buy a whole new mattress.

This article seems obvious, but nobody is going to tell you to just make your own mattress. It would cut into mattress store profits.

The most expensive item listed in this article is the anti aging cover. It fits a 12″ mattress and is certainly worth a read. The cover is actually grounded into your electric outlet and as a result, your body is essentially grounded to the earth when sleeping. This removes free radicals and encourages healthy cell regeneration. Doctors are starting to notice the technology and they have only good things to say.
12″ anti aging cover

You don’t need the anti aging cover, however, if you are on a stricter budget. You can get a cotton or bamboo cover at https://diymattress.net/ for under the $200 mark for any size. For comparison, check out zippered covers for say sleep number replacements, they cost more than the anti aging covers and are nothing more than cotton. You can also simply purchase a $40 cover that is sold at many stores and marketed as mattress protector covers. They just aren’t as thick, or as comfortable, but they do encase the layers.

So what we have here is an air support base with soveiluften technology to confine the air (best support base for a mattress), memory foam and latex comfort layers, and a removable zipper cover to inspect and properly clean your mattress. You can spend as little as $300 to make your own mattress this way. If you would like a more comfortable, and sturdy, outer cover those options are listed as well and we highly recommend at least reading about the anti aging technology.

So to recap, to build your own mattress and have air confinement technology, removable and replaceable comfort layers, and optional anti aging cover technology; here are all the links you would need:

Inexpensive Toppers
Intex Sold at Walmart
12″ Anti Aging Cover
https://diymattress.net/ (alternate cover)
Soveiluften Cover for 12″ Mattress (the importance of the cover to create an ideal support base is explained through out this website)

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