Build Your Number Air Bed – For A Few Hundred

Build Your Own Bed

Here at Soveiluften we have been trying to figure out how to offer high end beds for a fraction of the cost. We know what works well and the starting point is the use of an air bladder. But how do we put it all together and get it to you, the consumer. Well, we think we know how…

Intex 13″ DuraBeam Comfort Plush Mid-Rise Airbed Mattress: $50

Soveiluften Cover: $150
Why this cover is so important


Memory Foam Topper: $75

Mattress Pad with wrap around fabric to hold mattress together


For as little as around $300 you can build your dream bed. All the air beds you see on the market have incredible profit margins. You literally add 1 ” of foam and they increase the price of bed by $300. Don’t let the bed makers tell you what you should buy, you choose. We have all the links to purchase all items above. If you want to add 2″ of memory foam… just buy the topper and add it to your bed. The wrap around mattress pad will fit up to an 18″ assembly and wraps around the bottom to hold your mattress together nicely.

Remember, air mattresses (all of them), deform on the side walls. Some in the industry say an air mattress will stretch out up to 3″ the first 6 to 12 months. What? What do you think your body is doing when this stretching is going on? It’s sinking, and your back is screaming at you. The Soveiluften Sleeve prevents all of that, it is a must.

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