Cover For an Intex Air Mattress


You’ve found our site because you’re likely looking for a good air mattress that does not leak air and is comfortable. Whether it be for camping, temporary bed for guests, a pullout sofa mattress, or even a permanent DIY Air Bed option for permanent use. This all can be realized by utilizing a cover for an Intex air mattress. It will be your forever mattress and below we will explain.

Intex Twin Dura-Beam Series Classic Downy Airbed With Cover

Above is an air mattress that you can purchase at Walmart. It is the Intex Twin Dura-Beam Series Classic Downy Airbed. If you’ve seen, or purchased, this air mattress you will know it has a surface that resembles air beams. That is to tie the top surface to the bottom surface so when inflated, the mattress does not bulge, the mattress therefore holds its’ mattress shape. What you see above is a flat surface, that’s because we’ve added a poly/cotton cover to the mattress and it is in TENSION. Yes, tension is the key word to this assembly.

The tension in the cover provides these additional qualities to the air mattress:

  • It is very unlikely anything will puncture the Mattress. Even Pets!
  • Drastically reduces the stresses on the welded seams. All the tension forces are transferred into the cover fabric and the stitching. Think about it, the part that needs to hold the air is no longer required to withstand the forces from pressurized air and body weight.
  • Here is the big ticket item… the sides cannot bulge outwards. Plastic stretches, and will always stretch under stresses. It is why people complain about back pain sleeping on an air mattress. The fabric cover prevents the bulging, and as a result, the alignment of your body when you lay down, is the alignment of your body when you wake up.

Take the journey with us today and help spread the word. The concept is so simple and literally we are the only company pushing the idea. You can camp and never have to worry about a deflated mattress again! You can build your own air bed and yes, it would be more comfortable than a sleep number… for 1/10th the cost!

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