Failing An Air Mattress

We’ve tested a four (4) sided sleeve against the same sleeve while adding the front and back to create a six (6) sided cover. The air mattress used was the same in both tests.

The first test was using the sleeve. The Air Mattress failed by stretching from a dimension of 74″ to 83 1/2″. This was a twin Intex Air Mattress which measures 74″x39″x8 3/4″ per manufacturer specifications. The second test returned the air mattress dimensions to the desired shape of 75″x37″x9″.

You will notice the “desired shape” and the manufacturers specifications are slightly different. This is intended, and part of the concept of Soveiluften and a “tensioned” mattress cover. The cover is smaller and slightly changes the shape, but the shape inside the cover remains the same, always.

220 lbs was used in both tests for a combined time frame of almost 2 months!

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