Soveiluften Air Mattress

Soveiluften Air Mattress Cover is made out of heavy duty breathable canvas, hand made in our Harrisburg, PA factory. It is the key for creating the most comfortable mattress in the world.



Soveiluften is a company dedicated to make the world sleep better. The name literally means “Sleep On Air” in Norwegian. The owner of the company, Mark Johannessen, is a strong proponent of the outdoors and the concept for the patent pending technology was developed because of Mark’s determination to create a more comfortable sleeping experience while camping. Soon discovered this concept is just as applicable to all sleep applications; not only camping.



An air mattress was used as the basis of the concept. Air mattresses are light and can blow up and deflate quickly: ideal for camping, guests, sofabeds, and moving. What is not ideal about an air mattress is that it is usually uncomfortable. The addition of a Tensioned Fabric Cover converts that uncomfortable, ribbed air mattress feeling to a firm smooth sleeping-on-air experience.

Air is pumped into the typical air mattress bladder and you sleep on this bumpy surface that always deforms throughout the night. No amount of internal channels, coils or extra padding really changes the experience.

So the concept of stretching a tensioned fabric ATOP the bladder seemed logical, but industry research indicated nobody was doing it. Why stretch a fabric atop? It creates additional support points which elevate the body above just compressed air, and provides support at the high points of the air bladder and tensioned fabric. Additionally, the fabric prevents side wall deformation . This combination creates a “firm” yet “giving” mattress feel that retains its comfort all through the night. It feels like “Sleeping On Air”.



Our first product to go live is our “cover”. It is made out of heavy duty breathable canvas, hand made in our Harrisburg, PA factory. It accomplishes the tensioned fabric concept because the cover is smaller than the air mattress, so when inflated, the fabric is tensioned. This tension and sidewall reinforcement are the additional components needed to create the absolute best sleeping surface possible.

Can you imagine going camping and waking up on an air mattress more comfortable than your own bed at home? Can you imagine sleeping at home throughout the night and waking up without aches?

Soveiluften covers makes that a reality.



It’s amazing how inexpensive it is to create a superior sleeping surface. Around $160 for a camping mattress and $300 for a home bed can buy a sleeping experience that is second to none compared to the typical mattress purchase that can run in the thousands.

The camping mattress assembly is simply an air mattress and our patent pending tension cover. It is light, rolls up small, and can easily transport. The home mattress assembly consists of 4 parts: the inflatable air mattress with pump, our patent pending tension cover, foam or latex topper, and a mattress pad cover to wrap it together as one mattress unit. Currently, we do not sell the air mattress, topper or pad cover but we provide links to easily obtain the appropriate items from Amazon, Walmart or Foam By Mail.

Air mattresses range in cost from $8 to $50 ($50 mattresses include the pump) and our covers can accommodate air mattresses listed on checkout page with no customization required. Our covers range in cost from $140 to $160 and are the magic in the Sleeping-On-Air formula. The foam toppers are a personal preference and can range in cost from $5 to $150. We recommend the thinner toppers (2” or less) because the combination of the air mattress and tensioned cover will result in a comfortable level of softness. After months of testing our personal favorite is 2″ memory foam 5lb density.



Air mattresses require air, so you need a pump. Don’t forget to buy the pump!
Air mattresses can get a hole. Don’t worry about it, buy another for cheap. It’s the cover you don’t want to lose.
New air mattresses stretch, just like the cover will stretch slightly. So first couple times add more air. After a couple uses it finds its equilibrium.


The cover is a very durable product and should last for many years if taken care of. Do not store in a moist, hot or cold environment (cover and air mattress). Washing the cover is easy and effective, recommend gentle cold cycle.

The cover surrounding the air mattress provides protection for the air mattress from puncture damage. However, even in the unlikely event the air mattress was to fail, they can easily be replaced since they are very inexpensive. New air mattresses and covers stretch slightly, so additional air will likely be required after the first couple of times of use until equilibrium is reached.

Try out a Soveiluften Cover today!