We Successfully Connected a 7/16″ Hose to the Intex Mattress Valve

Sleep Number Hose Connection To Intex Valve

So after some testing we have successfully been able to connect a standard air bed hose to the intex boston valve. It uses the standard boston valve that is universal connection and modifying them. We remove the “boston” feature from the valve, and with a combination of (4) o-rings, a pvc pipe, a clamp, and sealant, we can 100% seal the hose to the air mattress with zero air loss.

This has been a very important step as we can now completely build our customers with an entire air bed that can be controlled with a night stand remote. Our confined air technology, the use of various toppers, and the remote is the entire setup needed to sleep comfortably and pain free each night.

We are the first company who creates the entire bed after purchase and after you tell us the feel you are after with a mattress. Something worth noting is because you have access to all components of the mattress assembly, anything can be replaced.

We’ve figured out the ideal support base which is the air mattress with the tensioned cover to confine the air. We’ve tested numerous foam/latex combinations and have a good idea what to order to create the comfort layers you are after. We are the luxury air bed consultants and will build your dream bed, at 1/10th the cost of competitors.

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