Anti Aging Coupled With Confined Air Technology – Ultimate Mattress

For the first time ever we have created a mattress technology kit which includes the patent pending concept for confining air inside an air bed coupled with the Anti Aging Mattress (A2B) cover which Doctor’s around the world are raving about.

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The kit consists of the following:
The 10″ Intex Air Mattress
Soveiluften Cover (Can accommodate Twin XL and Queen)
The Anti Aging Bed Cover
A 2″ foam topper of your choosing. is an inexpensive place to purchase toppers.

Now you will be sleeping on our Tensioned Mattress technology coupled with the Anti Aging Bed Cover technology. It’s best to use the link above to learn all about the Anti Aging concept.

Also, we know the intex twin measures 75″ normally. With our Soveiluften Cover we will change those dimensions with our cover to the 80″ length. Once the air mattress is stretched to the 80″ the cover will prevent any further changes in size.

“Finally, a breakthrough innovation that offers an easy solution to our daily exposure to environmental stress! Anti Aging Bed is a must have if you want to be pro-active with the health for your entire family.
Dr. Megan Pasookhush, PharmD, RPh, FAAMM, ABAAHP

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