Best Option For Sleeper Sofa Mattress

Let’s just cut to the chase, has anyone ever said “this is the most comfortable mattress to sleep on” when talking about a pull out sleeper sofa mattress? The answer is an obvious no.
Our air mattress assemblies work perfect in a pullout couch.

If you browse our site our main product is a tensioned cover that surrounds the air mattress. In a nut shell, the air mattress is protected from untimely holes and leaks that is inherent with all air mattresses but more importantly, the “tension” of the cover prevents deformation and eliminates that feeling of “sinking” throughout the night. With this cover, please read below to form the most comfortable sleeper sofa mattress you can imagine. (If you are really into reading, you can see the wording as outlined by a patent attorney HERE)

  • Choose the 8 3/4″ deep intex air mattress which we associate in checkout as the camping option.
  • Go to foambymail dot com and choose any topper(s) up to 5″ thick. We recommend a 2″ memory foam topper.
  • Purchase any fitted mattress pad to wrap assembly together.
  • Most importantly, purchase our Soveiluften Air Mattress Cover which is the heart of the assembly.

This will give you anywhere from a 9″ (no topper) to 14″ mattress (inflated size) for your pull out couch. No holes since vinyl is always protected by soveiluften cover, and this is our guarantee to you…

You will NEVER feel any bars from the pull out sofa frame! Wouldn’t you want your pull out sofa mattress to look like this…

… just imagine how comfortable the sleep will be.

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