The Most Comfortable Mattress in the World

This is a brief description of why a soveiluften is the most comfortable mattress in the world

You may think an air mattress is comfortable after you first blow it up, well there is a catch. All the air mattresses out there feel firm when first inflated. There is a reason why this firm mattress doesn’t feel so firm by morning. The difference between a sinking air mattress, and the most comfortable mattress in the world, is explained below.

The side walls of the mattress are not strong enough, they push out and deform with the weight of a person. That is why in the morning you feel like you are getting sucked into it. And if you have any problems with your lower back, it will be screaming at you.

The soveiluften sleeve solves this problem. During development it was thought the tensioned sleeve was elevating the body. This is true, but what was discovered after is that the sleeve doesn’t allow the sidewalls of the mattress to push out. So your body is supported by tensioned fabric and air, which elevates you above any other mattress, and it stays that way because of air mattress side wall reinforcement.

Just a little information about how it works.

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