The Concept Behind A Tensioned Mattress Cover

You’ve reached this page because you’re likely trying to understand what in the world a tensioned mattress cover is.

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A tensioned mattress cover contains the air in conventional air mattresses. It prevents holes, eliminates the stresses on the seams, and prevents the sides of the air mattress from stretching outwards. Below is a rendering of the concept in its simplistic form.

The cover is smaller than the air mattress. The cover is stronger than the air mattress and the pressure placed on it. It is ideal for camping applications as well as building your own air bed. You can easily layer foam of your choosing above the air support system and create an incredible DIY air bed.

By far, the most important aspect of the cover is that because it prevents side wall deformation, it prevents your body from sinking. By preventing your body to sink overnight, it also keeps your spine in the same position as when you fell asleep. This is, from 2 years of testing, the #1 reason you wake up with back pain with a traditional air mattress (and most mattresses in general).

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