Air Mattress Cover – Or is it?

We felt this topic should be discussed as it is a question we receive. The answer to is if our soveiluften product is an air mattress cover, the answer is yes. It most certainly is a cover which protects the air mattress from punctures. But we felt it was important to underline what else this air mattress cover does.

Our soveiluften air mattress cover is in the simplest of explanations, smaller than the air mattress. It is made of durable, non-stretch, breathable fabric. We purchase our fabric from the Amish in Lancaster, PA. The cover is assembled locally in Montgomery County, PA and the workmanship is second to none.

air mattress cover
Tensioned Air Mattress Cover

Let’s revisit the “smaller than the air mattress” statement. This is the most important trait of our air mattress cover. When the mattress is inflated, the cover becomes tensioned. Tension, in return, reinforces the air mattress. The welded seems no longer have the constant outward pressure, it gets transferred into our cover fabric and sewn seams.

This is why you can purchase an $8 intex at walmart and your air mattress with cover will last you years and years. And at the end of the life of the vinyl mattress, you can buy another for $8!

The benefits of having a soveiluften tensioned air mattress cover:

  1. It is still a light assembly which is important for camping as well as temporary sleeping locations like a pull out sofa bed or for extra guests on the floor.
  2. The air mattress cover prevents puncture wounds. Please believe us when we say… take your air mattress out of the box and get it directly into the cover. Everyone always complains about air loss, especially with intex mattresses. Literally, a pine needle will puncture them without the protection.
  3. All the seams and the connection of the motor pump to the vinyl is reinforced with a tensioned air mattress cover. A simple cover won’t do that, it needs to be as taut as possible. We couldn’t believe the idea has never been explored and we’ve filed for patent on the tensioned air mattress cover concept.
  4. This one is a biggie, side walls of the air mattress do not deform outwards. Many times negative reviews on any air mattress is the feeling of loss of air. If that feeling is not caused by an air leak, it’s because the side walls are pushing outwards. Vinyl is incapable of restricting this deformation. It is a continuous deformation through the night. So imagine an air bladder with internal forces pushing out, what we’ve done is surrounded these outward forces with a tensioned cover squeezing those forces back in. We’ve reached equilibrium and there is no longer any deformation.
  5. Your body is elevated. All air mattresses have high and low points to the surface. Usually through a series of internal coils or beams. Now you have a super taut fabric spanning the low points and deriving support on the high points.
  6. The air mattress cover is washable. The value in that is self explanatory.
  7. Our covers are made in the USA and you support local businesses as well as the Amish.
  8. Most importantly, your sleep quality is greatly improved. If you use the air mattress cover to build a home bed, for your sofa bed, or for camping, everything is better with a reinforced tensioned air mattress cover.

Remember, tensioned air mattress covers are what you want.

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