Is It Dangerous to Sleep on an Air Mattress Long Term?

The answer to this question depends. If you sleep on an unreinforced air mattress nightly you will be a victim of air mattress circumstance. Meaning, you will be gifted with leaks, noise and sinking. All of these common occurrences are a certainty with a traditional air mattress. It does not matter if the mattress cost you $10 or $500, no air mattresses on the mainstream market are adequate. The reason is simple:

  • Incredibly easy to puncture
  • The material used will always stretch. Plastic, rubber, epoxy dipped cotton etc. It all stretches

So you ask, why should I even bother with an air mattress? This is where it gets exciting. Imagine one of those water rockets you used as a child. You added water and pumped it up with air. It is now a pressurized rocket, yet, the rocket never changes shape. It has contained built up energy until said energy is released. Now, do the same with a balloon. What happens? The balloon just gets bigger and bigger until it “POPS”.

That is exactly what all air mattresses do. They continue to inflate until the popping point. Not as dramatic, albeit, as a balloon but the same concept none the less.

So, at Soveiluften, we “contain” that inflation so the size of the air bladder never changes. Take a twin air mattress measuring 74″x39″x10″. If you use this mattress both the length and the width continues to stretch outwards. The more you use, the more it stretches (see our article “Failing An Air Mattress). So we put a structural cover around the air mattress and what happens is this:

That twin then becomes a 75″x37″x10″ air mattress cover assembly. That size will not change. There are no longer holes or seam blowouts. Since the size never changes, your spine never misaligns through the night. You’ve created a mattress support system that quite simply never changes shape or feel.

Because of this, air is now actually the best surface to sleep on for long term use. Very inexpensive method to achieve the best mattress on the market. Toppers can be used to adjust the final surface feel for extra comfort and you’ve just created the most comfortable mattress without spending the money and the inevitable let down that comes with the mattress industry.

Sleep in comfort and on reinforced air!

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