DIY Numbered Air Bed Video – SL3

The following is a video which shows the building of super comfortable air bed. We call this DIY Air Bed the numbered SL3 mattress. SL stands for Soveiluften and 3 stands for 3″ of memory foam.

It may seem self explanatory but take note of the amount of air that is added. Smoothing out the soveiluften sleeve before sleeve becomes tight. There is a common theme with new owners of the bed, they don’t think they can add as much air as we recommend. You will notice when the mattress gets fairly inflated the motor sounds different. Turn the motor off about 20 seconds or so when you hear that difference. Let the motor cool down, then add 20 more seconds of air.

You won’t blow out the mattress, all the stress on the air mattress seams are absorbed by the sleeve which is infinitely stronger then the air mattress.

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