Air Mattress Cover – Integrating an Air Mattress With a Structural Cover To Create One Assembly

Here at Soveiluften we have invented a brand new market product which services the industry of comfortable sleep. Since 2018, the inventor, Mark Johannessen knew that air was integral in providing a superior sleep surface. Traditional breathable fabric and plastic/PVC air mattresses were tested, in combination, to find the ultimate sleeping surface. It did not take long to determine a fabric air mattress cover was the solution to reinforce an inherently weak air mattress to provide a superior sleep surface.

air mattress cover
custom mattress cover

What is important to note is that air mattresses are not very structurally sound as a stand alone product. It is not difficult to realize that plastic stretches, and if plastic stretches, the volumetric shape of the air mattress changes. Quite simply, the sides expand out and the surface drops. Your body, more critically your spine, will drop while this transformation happens. That is why air mattresses cause back pain. So what can an air mattress cover do?

Almost all of the stresses traditionally associated with a stand alone air mattress can be transferred to the fabric exoskeletal covering (the air mattress cover). Think about what happens; there is now a non-permeable bladder to retain the air, but you have a fabric mattress cover to carry the stresses. The fabric does not need to be air tight, only the inside air mattress bladder. The fabric seams can adjust slightly to the stresses, a little stretch will not introduce any negative variables to the assembly.

At Soveiluften we have tested various fabrics, tested the optimal sizes, and have come up with an air mattress with a structural cover assembly that works in unison. The fabric for explanatory purposes, does not stretch. It is a poly/cotton blend and covers the air mattress, entirely (all 6 sides). It prevents the air bladder portion from stretching outwards.

In this site you can read several posts related to this product and even a two (2) month test that was performed. We tested a four (4) sided sleeve and took a 74″ air mattress and stretched it out to 83 1/2″ long! We took the same air mattress, that by all definitions has “failed”, and closed the sleeve to a six (6) sided cover. The shape returned to 75″x37″ with 220 lbs of weight for 3 straight weeks!

This product works and will create a portable bedding solution that will last a life time. It will prevent all the problems with an air mattress that you have experienced and or read about; back pain, holes, seam blowouts, noisy, cold, etc.

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