Make A Bed Cover – Twin

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Soveiluften Make A Bed Sleeve Twin Size

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Soveiluften tensioned cover for twin size mattress.


The cover:

  • Prevents deformation of the side walls of the air mattress
  • Makes a firm yet giving surface feel because fabric is tensioned over the high points of the mattress. Similar to very taut mini cots. It provides the exact same support as high end coil construction and will never sag. When the air mattress cracks over time you can purchase a new one for very little money, typically 5 years.
  • Protects the air mattress from getting holes caused traditionally by almost anything.
  • You can build atop this assembly to provide your dream comfort bed.

Cover is made out of durable poly/cotton (color can change depending on stock – typically black).






The cover accommodates…

Intex Twin 13″ DuraBeam Comfort Plush Mid-Rise Airbed Mattress

(originally $49.97)

(Sold at any Walmart and Other Retailers)

To accompany the air mattress and cover we recommend a 3″ memory foam with 2″ poly foam topper for sleeping surface and 1/2″ poly foam for underneath to prevent mattres sliding. These can be purchased at Foam By Mail for a very reasonable price, and they offer free shipping. Please note, everyone’s body is different, and do not hesitate to contact us if you are unsure of the toppers. We will do our best to help. The memory foam and poly topper had the most thumbs up from the most people, so we are comfortable recommending that setup for most people.

Finally, choose a mattress protector with a pillow top of your choice to wrap it all together. Purchase one that says will fit 22″ deep mattress.

For just around $300 total you can build the most comfortable mattress you have ever slept on!

  • We ship currently anywhere in the US. Sleeve is made after order so please allow 10 days for delivery.


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