Custom Full Mattress With Wireless Remote


Air Bed With Remote

Full Air Bed Package with Remote



We are taking a different approach to selling air beds with remote control. Since we use various products and the connection of the hose to the valve is custom made, it’s better we just sell everything as a package offer. We will pick and choose the layers of foam for you based on your ideal surface feel. So what you do is purchase this product, and in the comments section during purchase, message us what you are after.

This mattress includes the air mattress, our confined air technology cover, the pump, the hose, the hose attachment to the air mattress, 3 1/2″ to 5 1/2″ of foam based on your description of ideal comfort. All of this for $700 for a full.

Common descriptions include:

  • I want to sink into a cloud
  • I like soft but not the feel of memory foam
  • A medium feel that gives good support
  • I usually wake up with lower back pain so something that may help, likely a medium/firm
  • I like it firm

You can be creative and we will pick the toppers we believe will achieve what you are after. Anywhere from 3 1/2″ of foam to 5 1/2″ of foam/latex. And you can obviously set the air pressure to any level to determine what works best for you.


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